Personal Training

At Platform 3, we know that a personal trainer is not just someone there to bark instructions at a struggling fitness newcomer. Great personal training involves not only careful and patient instruction, it also involves motivational skills. Besides, Platform 3 offers a specialized range of personal training options choices ranging from AED 350 for a single session right through to AED 15,000 for 50 sessions for those who want to make the ultimate in dedication and commitment.

With a Platform 3 personal trainer you will have:

  • A constant companion on your fitness journey.
  • Someone who creates fitness programs tailor-made to suit you and your ¬†lifestyle.
  • A person that ensures your technique is flawless thus preventing injury.
  • A motivator, consultant and guide every step of the way.

We know that our clients are often time restricted, we understand this and take this into great consideration when designing your individual programs efficiently, which can save you weeks, months, or even years to reach your goals. Our personal trainers create innovative, effective and above all fun programs that will revitalise and enhance your self-esteem.