Pre & Post Natal Package

Feeling emotionally and physically tired during pregnancy?

Does the idea of spending several months constantly suffering from pains and aches depress you?

What would you do to stay fit, active and feel amazing throughout your pregnancy?

Are you terrified that your pregnancy weight will stay on after you've given birth?

The pre/post natal package offered by Platform 3 is designed to end all your pregnancy woes before, during and after the event. Maintaining physical fitness during pregnancy is extremely important but most women are worried because too much exercise could affect the unborn child. As a result, pregnant women hardly exercise at all. In fact, Platform 3 has found research which states that 75% of pregnant women fail to meet minimum recommended exercise standards.

At Platform 3, we have dedicated health professionals including dieticians and sports therapists who will design a fitness program tailor made to YOUR needs. Once you have been assessed by our expert team, rest assured that Platform 3 will produce the perfect program to make pregnancy the pleasant and life affirming experience it should be.

When you use the Pre/post natal package from Platform 3 you will:

  • Perform 100% safe exercises that will release those feel-good endorphins
  • Have complete control over what you do
  • Feel a level of energy that is exhilarating
  • Be confident that your child will be born strong and healthy

Tired of back aches and fatigue?

Unsure of what to eat in order to stay fit but also healthy?

After just one session with our sports therapist, your posture will be improved immeasurably. Once you have completed our 10, 20 or 50 session program, you will have forgotten that those back aches existed.

Our dietician will ensure that you maintain a healthy diet but don't worry, you will still get to eat delicious meals! The right diet is a significant part of feeling great during pregnancy because it keeps your energy levels high. When combined with an expertly designed exercise regime, you will be positively glowing!

Scared of excess post pregnancy fat?

Our team have also designed a range of programs for women keen to return to their svelte, post-pregnancy figure. Listen to our team and watch those pounds drop off and energy levels increase. Once you have completed our full package, you will be in better shape than you were before the pregnancy.


Pregnancy is one of life's most beautiful experiences, allow Platform 3 to keep your energy, fitness and spirits up during and after pregnancy.