Mohammad Ali Bayat


Over the past six years Mohammad Ali has risen to the top of the boxing game with a rapturous reception in the U.A.E. and beyond. ‘Living to box’ has been a self-proclaimed obsession for Mohammad Ali; one that has turned him from a talented youngster, into a self-assured man and not forgetting to mention… World Champion!

At the Tender age of 23 he is already the WBC Champion (Asia Continental), WKBF World Champion (Kick Boxing) and WKBF Pan Asia Champion (Kick Boxing) so the sky is the limit for Mohammad.

If you were to ask anyone about Mohammed Ali's talent, they would undoubtedly say he was born to be a boxer. His calm exterior unnerving to his opponents; his craving to win making him faster and stronger than others; these are but a few reasons why he has become not only a winner, but an icon in the boxing community.

A training session with Mo Ali is definitely a challenge, you will be pushed to your limits, because he truly believes in his method and has already experienced the toughness of these workouts himself.  He specializes in Boxing conditioning and Martial arts conditioning, where he uses innovative exercises and techniques used by the professionals at the highest levels. His client’s results are a true testament to his dedication. His eagerness and attentive personality, makes every client experience the dedication needed to excel and push themselves harder.

Whether you’re looking to compete professionally or improve your fitness level, Mo Ali’s class will over time get you to your desired results. We are proud and honored to have Mohammed Ali as part of the P3 family!