Omar Al-Duri

Omar Al-Duri stands as head trainer, one of the founders, and most importantly, the heartbeat of Platform 3. 


Omar displays what absolute devotion to one's dream means as he worked to make Platform 3 a reality to all of us. With almost a decade of personal training experience under his belt, Omar gathered a vision of what he believed was the right formula for fitness and health. His broad experiences taught him that fitness programs were over-complicated and trainees were often left confused by the endless exercises, reps, and sets prescribed by conventional trainers. Always looking to gain knowledge, Omar constantly researched his field and found that fitness could be stripped down to three components: Sports Therapy, Nutrition and the presence of a Personal Trainer. 


Omar realized his dream to implement his vision and sought to open this very exclusive fitness facility in Dubai. It was not only the facility that he took into high consideration, but also the perfect synthesis of trainers he felt could prosper his vision, as well as cater to every trainee's needs. He took time and effort to assemble a team of world-class sports therapists, dieticians and personal trainers to improve the physical fitness of people in the city.


Some of the elements Omar firmly believes in include building character and self-belief, improving self-confidence, and the presence of motivation at all times. Omar urges exclusive, one-on-one training in order to see the best results and uses innovative methods to great effect. He is known as the man who trains the personal trainers and has been awarded Shape Middle East Magazine’s “Personal Trainer of the Year”. 


With Omar you are encouraged, motivated, and treated as an individual whereby he moves you away from the mundane gym routine and allows you to feel the ultimate personalized training experience. He has also made it possible for those unable to book in for one on one personal training sessions to experience a taste of his training techniques through his many monthly editorial workout tips and suggestions in magazines such as Shape, TimeOut, and Ahlan! To name a few.


Omar and his team at Platform 3 promise to lead you on a journey towards physical fitness and self discovery.


Omar's achievements and awards include:

  • Honours Degree in Sports Science and Education & Employment from the University of Surrey in 2006
  • The Newcomer Award for the best Rookie of the Month in a leading fitness center in Dubai
  • The Best Personal Trainer Award in Dubai's Fitness First branches
  • Elite Trainer status at leading fitness center in Dubai
  • Virgin Wandsworth Award for Best Fitness Consultant 2006
  • Level One and Level Two FA Coaching Badges
  • 2005 FA Child Psychology Award
  • Goals UK Footballer of the Tournament on 3 separate occasions