Sonja Belgard




Sonja is a Physiotherapist and Sport Scientist, specialized in the rehabilitation of orthopedic problems and traumatic injuries. She performs hands on Physiotherapy and massage techniques to ease pain and discomfort, as well as rehabilitative training to regain the body’s best potential.

As a Personal Trainer she will help you to deal with weight management issues, improve your health and fitness levels and maximize your sports performance. A mother herself, she knows exactly how to guide you through pre and postnatal training sessions.

Through her passion for traveling, she was very lucky to be working with the Royal Family of Saudi Arabia for the last 5 years. Furthermore she has been the Personal Trainer and Physiotherapist of many high profile lawyers and business men in the financial city of London. Sonja absolutely loves working with diverse clientele and to bring out the best in every one of them.

In her spare time she is an ambitious sporty person, runs marathons, triathlons, loves snowboarding and surfing. And of course enjoys hanging out with her family and friends.


  • BSc and MSc in Physiotherapy and Sport Science from the German University of Sport, Cologne
  • State registered Physiotherapist (UK, Germany)
  • Qualified manual therapist
  • Qualified in cardiovascular, metabolic and performance diagnostic (V02max, blood lactate)
  • Qualified group exercise instructor (Spinning, Bodypump, Boxercise, Aquafitness, Swissball, Pilates basic level)