P3 Testimonials

Theo + Kristine

Hello there.

This testimonial is long overdue. We have been going to P3 for over 3 months now and to say we are hooked is putting it mildly.  Both as lover of sports, fitness and life, we discovered P3 and our trainer Mo Ali and realized that this is the kind of training and venue we have been looking for in Dubai. The boutique feel of P3 is amazing, but it's really the camaraderie and the sense of belonging - of knowing everyone, including the people you train with (and the beautiful shower stalls and those amazing Bath & Body works bottles in the shower) and the the thought that comes with managing the gym. Mo Ali is a wonderful trainer - he expects you to expect more of yourself and to commit. And you do. You step up. You see the results in your body, in your health. And you keep coming back for more.  We want to thank P3 and the team for making it such a joy to train and build ourselves better.

Saleh Al Banna

I have trained with many trainers in Dubai but I have not seen results.

With Omar after 2 weeks I started seeing results specially in fitness, health and shape. I will clearly state in capital letters and for emphasis OMAR IS THE BEST TRAINER IN DUBAI, well probably in the U.A.E.The team at Platform 3, keep up the good work. Everyone here makes it feel like home and thats how a gym is suppose to be like and believe me I'm a hard person to please.

Keep up the good work guys, I feel privileged to be part of this gym.

Thank you for everything.

Faisal A

"I started training with V almost 3 weeks ago; I must admit at first, I didn't see the point of her focus on stretching and using a tiny ball to pinpoint tight spots in my body as I am usually used to be thrown into an intensive workout straight away. 

My issue was that I had put on nearly 9 KGs since I arrived to Dubai 5 months ago; because of the heat and pressure of relocation and settling into my new job, I completely ignored excerisizing and by the time I met V, my body was in an awful shape as I was having issues walking straight, climbing stairs and fitting my clothes which I had only bought back in May. 3 weeks in, I have lost 3 Kgs; but my weight is now the least of my worries, I feel more healthy than I have ever been for months, I walk fast; my back is straight and people are saying they have not seen me this energetic or as happy in months. I am training 5 times a week with V, and I now look forward to every session; particulalry that I feel I am getting fitter every time, this is noticed through increased repetitions, heavier weights and quicker sets. Last but not least, V has a great way of encouraging you to do more and preventing you from giving in just when you need to put in that extra mile to get the work-out done. I will write back in a few weeks to report on more progress."