Are you looking to lose weight, bulk up, torch stubborn fat or build lean muscle?

Do you need assistance when it comes to sifting through the plethora of fad diets on offer?

At Platform 3, we have licensed dieticians who have just one goal: To improve your overall health. They understand that weight loss is not comparable to fat loss and know that a trainee's health overrides all other concerns.

The mistake people often make is to follow a diet that is not really intended for them. They choose high-protein diets when they really need high-carb diets and so on. They look at popular diets like one created by Dr. Atkins and try and follow it to the letter. The trouble is, most people have no idea how the diet will affect their energy levels, muscle mass or store of excess fat. As a client of  Platform 3, we give you advice on:

  • Vitamins and supplements
  • Allergies and digestive issues
  • How to reduce body fat
  • Creating the perfect dietary plan
  • Combining your diet with exercise

Once you meet up with  Hala, shewill immediately request information relating to your current diet. From this, she will calculate your current calorie intake. When you have discussed your goals, Hala will design a diet that matches your new calorie requirement after taking into account any allergies etc.

Why You Should See a Dietitian?

Eating right should be easy, right? Unfortunately, it isn't. With the huge variety of foods and methods of preparing them, there is a vast middle ground between junk food and vegetables.

Some fad diets tell you to minimize your carbohydrate intake, and some tell you to fill up on protein. On one diet you lost 10kg in 1 month, but 4 months later you had gained 12kg. One day you read an article that raved about how a certain food boosted immunity to certain illnesses. The next day you read how it's been linked to cancer in laboratory animals. You've heard a lot about the benefits of soy foods and antioxidants but are not sure how beneficial they actually are or how to effectively implement them into your diet.

Platform 3's on board dietitian can help people like you sort through the "good", "bad", and "okay" foods. She keeps up-to-date with the latest nutrition and fitness news so that she can pass on our knowledge to you. In addition, at platform 3 she helps you make nutrition part of your lifestyle-something that suits your style, not something you have to battle with. We won't suggest you eat exotic foods or organic foods that will cost a lot, We won't suggest you cook yourself meals when we know you have to travel for a living.

The dietitian: What exactly does she do at Platform 3?

First let us define the terms "Dietitian" and "Nutritionist."

 A Dietitian is a healthcare professional with a Bachelor's degree in food and nutrition. A dietitian puts knowledge into practice by training in a hospital. Many dietitians have graduate degrees as well. All dietitians must meet Public Protection standards.

A Nutritionist unlike a dietitian, does not have to meet specific national standards, and is therefore not subject to the same legal protection as dietitians. In theory, one could call oneself a nutritionist without having any credentials to support such a title.

The licensed dietitian at Platform3 is committed to helping clients achieve their health, nutritional, and fitness goals by incorporating them into their lifestyles. This means helping healthy clients stay healthy, helping those with medical conditions to manage or improve them, and advising clients on ways to increase energy and vitality.

The dietitian will help you manage or improve:

  • Diabetes
  • High blood pressure
  • Overweight 
  • High cholesterol
  • Underweight
  • Vegetarian diet needs
  • Prenatal nutrition

Whether you need to manage a health condition or to optimize your overall health, fitness, and energy level, The licensed dietitian  can assist you by:

  • Assessing your nutritional needs
  • Developing plans and attainable goals with you to ensure they fit into your lifestyle
  • Letting your family know how they can support you
  • Supporting, educating, and motivating you through the long-term





For those who do not have health issues, The dietitian will help you:

  • Eat foods that reduce your risk for developing certain illnesses and diseases
  • Increase your energy levels by eating nutrient-enriched foods and exercising more
  • Determine what to eat when on the go
  • Maintain your current weight
  • Eat properly when you are expecting a baby (or expecting to expect)
  • How to have a healthier household
  • Attain nutrition goals while being a vegetarian
  • Eat to maintain top athletic performance
  • Determine whether you need vitamins and/or minerals
  • Eat properly after experiencing surgery
  • Read nutrition labels

 Eating well, keeping active, enjoying simple pleasures, and feeling good about yourself: These are the elements of a healthy, happy life.