Benefits of Physiotherapy and Rehabilitation

Physiotherapy and Rehabilitation can help you overcome the painful or dysfunctional problems of your body. It will ease off the pain and gradually guide your body back to its best performance.

How does this work?

After any kind of injury or dysfunction such as an accident or a sore back, the body goes into a state of tensions, trying to protect itself. Those tensions have to be removed in order to regain a pain free state. Techniques here fore are:


  • Massage, stretching and muscle relaxation techniques to ease off muscular tension.
  • Trigger point massage to help inflamed tendons and ligaments.
  • Manual therapy to mobilise joints and vertebrae.
  • The use of ice to minimise swelling and improve recovering, especially after traumatic injuries or operations


Furthermore the therapist will analyse the composition of your body and/or joint in order to assess the cause of the problem. She will than work out an exercise regime, which could include:

  • Conditioning of muscles: strengthening, stretching and improvement of local muscle endurance.
  • Stabilisation of joints through proprioceptive training and balance.
  • Re-stabilisation of reactivity.


If you are a sports person the rehabilitation can continue until you reach your pre- accident performance. Therefore general endurance, strength, stability, speed and reactivity will be trained.

Which problems can be helped?

Any kind of physical problem regarding all joints, muscle and bone structures can be treated by Physiotherapy and Rehabilitation. Here are some examples:

  • back and neck pain (chronic).
  • pain in your knee, ankle, shoulder (during exercise).
  • chin splints and tennis elbow.
  • traumatic injuries such as ruptures of ligaments (mostly common in shoulder, knee and ankle)
  • any kind of bone fracture

If you are suffering please don´t hesitate to contact us. We are delighted to answer all your questions and establish your first appointment.