At Platform 3 in Dubai, there is no such thing as surplus equipment. We train our clients in a spacious 4,200 square feet facility where there are dozens of pieces of equipment, all of which has a real function. The combination of our team's expertise and state of the art equipment ensures that our clients experience first class results. Features of Platform 3 include:

Open every day:

Because our bodies never take a day off,

4,200 square feet facility:

Fitness should never be confined to a small space. Our clients have the freedom of the facility and with a maximum of 6 people training at the same time, this exclusive fitness facility always feels spacious.

Cardio Zone:

One of the keys to burning fat and staying in shape is getting that heart rate up.

Boxing equipment:

There are few better ways to attain physical fitness that to get in the ring and put those boxing gloves on.

Conditioning Zone:

The cornerstone of all fitness programs. Platform 3 has a range of innovative fitness equipment such as ViPR, TRX and TRX RIP trainer and kettle bells.

Climbing Zone:

Reach new heights of fitness while having fun! Challenge yourself out of your comfort zone. 


A perfect way to relax unwind those hard worked muscles and lose weight at the same time. 

Rain Showers:

The refreshing cascade of water is a satisfying end to a great workout. 

Advanced Locker Room Facilities:

The possessions of our clients will stay secure at all times.

World Class Equipment:

The road to physical fitness can be long and hard so only the best equipment will do.

At Platform 3 we have taken the time to refine every detail of your health and fitness experience, The next step is up to you, We welcome you to visit us for a tour and commit to changing your lifestyle and achievieng the best you can be.